He is a singer and is part of a musical leadership team of the internationally renowned Vocal Group/Choir Perpetuum Jazzile. The group is by some considered as one of the most, if not the most famous choirs in the world, that became famous for their interpretation of TOTO’s classic Africa. A rapidly growing passion for harmony led Kristjan to set up the A-cappella group Bassless and he’s also a part of a gospel quartet 4Given.

Kristjan has been working on his voice intensively since 2008. While performing professionally, he also uncovered his love for teaching and coaching. He has been hired by choirs to perform workshops with them for several years now.

Despite the fact that Kristjan plays few instruments and has a formal education in piano and music theory, he was always very excited about the most ultimate instrument – The human voice.

His singing knowledge comes from Slovenian coaches Nataša Nahtigal and Boštjan Korošec, and several foreign coaches as Benny Meza, Jeff Mathena, Tyler Wysong (Brett Manning Studio, Nashville) and lately John Henny. Kristjan is very interested in the science of voice, how does it work, why does it work in a certain way and how to find a solution for every individual voice.

But singing wasn’t always easy for Kristjan. He started singing at a very early age in the church and later in different school choirs which also led him to form a high school rock band. After mutating he had big difficulties singing high notes which got him worried he would never be able to sing high again. People told him that he can’t sing high because he is a baritone but he never really accepted that.

He spent few years seeking out and working with some of the world’s top voice teachers, researching as many vocal techniques as possible, so he improved a lot, unlocked high notes and is now classified as first tenor in his vocal groups, can hit women high C and has vocal range approximately  4 octaves.

Besides professional singing, he always loved to work with people, so his wish was to become a vocal coach.

With dedication and hard work he became certified associate of John Henny, who is regarded as a leading vocal coach in the music industry and as a true teacher of teachers.

John’s techniques not only keep the voice healthy, they also improve the overall sound, help eliminate cracks in the voice and extend the singer’s range allowing the singer to express themselves vocally without limitation.

Kristjan was so impressed with “John Henny method”; the simplicity how he makes vocal science applicable and his accelerated progress, that he immediately wanted to become John’s associate and actually became the first who finished John’s Associate Program.

Kristjan is known for his fun and relaxed sessions in which even beginners can experience immediate improvement in the range, ease, and quality of their voice. He helps each student reach their highest potential as a singer, while empowering them to find their own unique voice in a relaxed and positive atmosphere.


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